The directors of You in Europe are Vasilis, Ioanna, Gregoris and Stavroula. But… You in Europe belongs to its members, to the people, the volunteers, the friends who share unique experiences and beautiful moments through it. Due to our active and creative team of volunteers, we can make all our ideas, our goals and our dreams come true!

Ioanna Thomopoulou – Volunteers manager, Project Coordinator

Ioanna studied Economics in University of Macedonia, while recently she received her MBA in Business Administration.   Since 2009 she is active in European Programs, such as : “Erasmus+”, “Europe for the Citizens” και “Twinning Cities”. She has participated in many training courses and seminars on youth work and non formal education.

Through “You in Europe”, she shares the joy of creativity, communication, and life-long learning.

Gregoris Kyriakou – EVS manager, Project Coordinator

He is a graduate of the Archeology Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. and he has been working on EU programs on informal learning in the youth field since his student years. He worked in the Municipality of Kilkis for 11 years, 9,5 in the field of youth (responsible for the foundation and activities of the Municipal Youth Council and the Youth Information Center) and the rest as a special partner of the Mayor in the youth field with parallel participation in the Culture Organization.

He was responsible for Managerial Proficiency Type B and C (ELOT 1429) to an association of disabled persons while continuing to work on European programs for people with disabilities. He holds a certified (from EOED, the Open University and the University of Ioannina) knowledge in the management of European programs and the project administration while he is also registered as trainer of LAEK. You in Europe is the vehicle for traveling to Ithaca… the journey of experience, knowledge, different people.

Stavroula Pagona – Communication and PR manager, Project Coordinator

Stavroula studied Media and Communication in Athens, and worked as a copyright in advertising agencies for many years. But only when she met the Erasmus+ world, she finally found her dream job!

She has participated in many training courses on youth work and non-formal education, combining her passion for learning with her other big love, travelling. She is also a lyricist and cherises every type of art, as a way of self- expression. Through “You in Europe” she hopes to inspire and get inspired, offering opportunities for communication, cooperation and self-developement for everybody.

Vasilis Stoulos – International Relationships and Networking, Project Coordinator

Vasilis holds a Bachelor of Agriculture, but he never truly loved this science. So later he studied Greek Civilization and Culture and holds a Master’s Degree in Cultural Management. He is a registered trainer in Αdult’s Εducation. His love for travelling was one of the reasons that brought him to Erasmus+ family. But the most important was his love for young people, and his wish is to support them, to listen to their ideas, dreams, worries and hopes. He believes in a more humanistic Europe with more space for the youngsters, a philosophy that is also in the base of You in Europe.

Elsa Lada – Active member and EVS mentor

Elsa studied Pedagogy in Thessaloniki. Her experience as an EVS volunteer for 1 year in Portugal, where she worked voluntarily for social institutions, was a unique, transformative event that changed her life. She has participated in many training courses on Youth Work and in many Youth Exchanges as Leader. Through “You in Europe”, she aims to learn more about other people and other cultures, and about herself as well.