Early September… almost summer yet… a group of 7 young people from different parts of Greece started for a business adventure in the enchanting country of Dracula… Romania!!! They did not know each other before the program, but their shared love for travel and entrepreneurship quickly joined them!

First stop: Bucharest! The temperature was higher than we expected! We took a little bus and traveled to the northwest.

Second stop: Ramnicu Valcea!!! Basic area of our adventure!

The Greek mission proudly came first to the meeting place! The rest of the missions (Romanian, Italian and Portuguese) arrived gradually and so the team was completed!

From the beginning it seemed that our team had a lot of potential! In the activity «Mission impossible», we all worked together and proved that with collaboration every mission is possible! The activities were varied and we discovered a lot of things about the business world (SWOT Analysis, Business Plan, Logo, Moto, Qualities and Self Confidence of an Entrepreneur, Business Idea Presentation) and also about ourselves. We have found new business ideas, analyzed them collaboratively and presented them to professional entrepreneurs. The whole thing has helped us develop confidence in ourselves, our ideas and our capabilities.

We also discover the Romanian life by eating traditional Romanian dishes and exploring the center and the suburbs of Ramnicu Valcea, the beautiful city of Sibiu with its characteristic eyes-windows on the tiles of its houses, a special castle inspired by the Lord of the Rings and a noisy Zoo! Through these excursions we have been able to admire the lush natural landscape of Dracula’s country… Magnificent forests, castles, lakes, valleys and rivers are spread all over the country… beauty everywhere!

We could not omit the cultural nights of each country! In the Romanian night the participants wore traditional costumes! In the Greek night the King’s night was tzatziki! In the Italian night we sang karaoke! In the Portuguese night we danced until couldn’t feel our feet! Each night was unique and of course they all ended up to crazy parties!!!

We learned a lot of new things during the program! But if there is one thing that no one will forget about is that we were all ONE UNITED TEAM! A big company where you could not see the difference between the nationalities! Everyone was talking with everyone and although the time we spent together was small, we worked together; we tied up and shared an unforgettable experience!

Unforgettable experience indeed… new friends, new cultures, new ideas … many catchy business ideas that we hope will be realized one day!!!

And all this happened in the country of the Dracula…