ESC Sending

What about living for a few months to another European Country, as a volunteer? What about meeting new people and cultures, getting closer to other traditions and customs, while offering your time for the benefit of the local community? If you are 18-30 years old, the European Solidarity Corps program, gives you this opportunity. For 1 up to 12 months, you can work voluntarily in organisations that promote the social developement, environmental sustainability, active and healthy live -style, civil rights, acceptance and equality and other values. Thus, you have the chance gain new skills and tools, while working in a spirit of solidarity and contribution. And you can get to know a different culture, and practice a new language. The project pays for your travel expenses, your alimentation and stay, as well as your health care insurance during all your ESC period. Also, each volunteer receives a fix amount every month (pocket money) for his/her personal expenses.

“I broke away from my routine and dared it!”

Kiki, Volunteer in Portugal

“We became a family with the other volunteers! So many different personalities but also so special all of them!”

John, Volunteer in Spain

“The EVS was a life experience for me!”

Eva, Volunteer in England
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