In the face of escalating challenges such as growing radicalization, the devaluation of common values and Human Rights as well as the rise of nationalist movements, Erasmus+ KA2 project «Be a Citizen! Belong!» emerges as a «lighthouse» of hope and education. Confronting the uncontrolled circulation of fake news and disinformation, coupled with social instability and the dearth of critical thinking, this initiative aims to address the pressing issues facing young people today.

Recognizing the urgency to counter the wave of intolerance, lack of empathy, and the emergence of far-right ideologies, one of the golas of the project was to implement the Youth Exchange in Amarante, Portugal in September 2023. This education revolves around the promotion of democracy, common values, Human Rights, and the prevention of radicalization.

As a testament to the project’s commitment to innovative communication, one of its notable outcomes is the creation of a podcast hosted by the Greek team who participated in the project. In the podcast episode (find below) our participants discuss about  historical experiences of their mother countries regarding The World War II as well as the nowadays approach of the communities towards discrimination, tolerance, prejudices and Human Rights. What is more, the project supported the power of art, expression and creativity, thus our Greek team came up with the idea to record not only a podcast episode but also a cover of the Greek song addressing stereotypes (Stereotipa by Dimitra Galani) and a poem written and performed by Christos.

«Be a Citizen! Belong!» stands as a collaborative effort to not only address the current socio-political challenges but also to cultivate a generation of informed, empathetic, and critically thinking global citizens. Through dynamic and engaging methodologies, the project seeks to leave a lasting impact on the participants, fostering a sense of belonging and active citizenship in a rapidly evolving world.

Check our final «digital exhibition» below!