Training courses are these kind of programs that I prefer just a little bit more than for example youth exchanges but don’t get me wrong, I love participating in both, or even better – in any projects!

This year, 2023 I have started with a possibility to participate in the training course about art therapy, more specifically «Creative Therapies in Youth Work» hosted in Osijek, Croatia by the Organization «Kreaktiva». From the very first day you could feel magic, trust and kindness of lovely people from all over the world (not only Europe) who were opened and supportive to each other during VERY creative activities which sometimes let us go deeper in our souls and personalities.

The group was divided to two smaller teams. The first three days one team took part in activities related to communication with clients through paper, colors, clay, painting and generally expressing emotions using more relaxing methods. At the same time the other team was discovering tools of «art therapy» through dance, movement and kinesthetic activities in the dance school.

During the project the participants, were facilitated by two professional and open-hearted trainers and therapists who were all the time to our disposal sharing with us their experiences, tools and tips about interacting with other people who struggle with various concerns. The emotions, integration and trust was really on a different level.

However, working on therapy methods, even through art, is something a little bit heavy so the members of «Kreaktiva» organized for us a «self care day» where we could go to swim in a local swimming pool, go skating or playing paint ball games in the woods. All of these in order to relax, get to know each other better and have fun.

In order to integrate with a Croatian community, we organized art activities for local people who could experience some of the practicies we learnt during these days. Their feedback was so positive and inspiring!

What is more, the local volunteers prepared for us a Croatian night during which we danced traditional dances, we tried Croatian snacks and get to know Croatian culture! Us, the participants had also an opportunity to present our countries. For me, the most exotic was the culture of Saint Maarten island and Aruba located in Caribbean!

I am sharing with you some of the photos from this experience so if you need some inspiration because you want to start your adventure with Erasmus+ projects but you are not sure I hope it will help you!

PS. I am going to organize some of the activities on a local level within follow-up/dissemination so if you are curious about new non-formal tools and expressing yourself through art – stay tuned!

Thanks to You in Europe for letting me be the part of this amazing journey <3



Check the photos here: