Asociación Participa Joven CR (Spain) in partnership with SOLOMON NGO (Romania) and You in Europe (Greece) carries out a new strategic European project “M.A.P. for Youth – Motivating Active Participation for Youth”, between April 1, 2022 – September 30, 2023 within the ERASMUS+ Program of the European Union. These organizations have decided to support the community of those interested in such involvement, in the activities that will take place in Spain, Greece and Romania.
The main objective of this KA2 Strategic Partnership project in the frame of Erasmus+ is to empower youth workers and partner organizations to promote active citizenship and participation among young people at the local, national and European level.
Specific objectives:
• Create new tools and methodologies to empower youth workers and organizations;
• Engage, connect and empower young people more, promote their active participation in the local community and in EU youth mobility projects;
• Raise awareness of the Erasmus+ Youth possibilities and benefits and motivate young people to have more initiative to take actions for their personal, social and professional development;
• Initiate local activities and participative processes that in the future will lead to the EU mobilities;
The main outcomes we would like to realize through this project are:
• A methodology toolkit that will enable youth workers and youth organizations from different countries to work in a coordinated manner towards promoting youth participation and non-formal learning among young people in their local communities and in Europe.
• Improved cooperation and quality of youth work in the partner organizations that will help us collaborate towards common goals not only at EU level, but starting from the local ground work with youth;
• More opportunities for young people to be involved in quality non-formal education activities, planning and co-managing mobilities together with youth workers;
• Increased number of young people who are engaged and empowered by the participation in local and European NFE activities and have the opportunity to build up their sense of initiative and social engagement;
• Improved the awareness and more trust in Erasmus+ opportunities among rural youth, who lack enough information and examples that reach them in the local community.
The target group consists of Youth, youth workers and Young multipliers from the local communities of the partner organizations.