What an amazing experience it has been !!

Six months that have been through super quickly …
With a slow start, still in the rough middle of the pandemic, and having to adapt myself to another country, new people, new routine, definitely was a challenge … But everything turned out to be peanuts, exactly because of this new people , that made me feel at home, and made this change super easy and smooth for me!
And I had so many incredible experiences in this period that for sure I already forgot some, but everytime a memory crosses my mind I have an immediate smile on my face! Every second in the gardens, at Big Bang School, with the volleyball team POM, at KDAP, cleaning the beaches or the flamingo’s sanctuary … were so perfect that I have no way to describe it properly! And of course, every moment of leisure, every touristic moment everywhere around Greece, every meeting with the organization or the other volunteers, there are no words to describe it …
From this six months I will always keep a ton of memories, but I’ve made friends that are certainly a million times more valuable than anything we could have done together!
Special thanks for everyone who was a part of this experience, but even more special for the ones who were there all the time: Maraki and Sofaki, You in Europe (Stavroula, Vasilis, Ioanna, Grigoris and the best mentor Igorito) and IronManolis!
Thank you so much, and see you soon!