I was looking forward to going to Greece to do my volunteering and I was not disappointed!

I had the pleasure and chance to participate in the «Be You» volunteer programme in Nea moudania for one month! The time is short, but the experiences are countless!

I was able to participate for the first time in a youth exchange during my volunteering.
It was an intensive week with many activities, each one more interesting than the other. They allowed me to overcome the language barrier and to reach out to other young people despite my difficulties in expressing myself in English. To my great surprise, I was able to create real friendships despite my difficulties with the language. I think that during this week of youth exchange we were lucky to have had a good group.

After this busy week, I had the opportunity to speak at the «Big Bang School» for a week and present the island of Martinique, where I am originally from, but also our regional language. I was able to share my knowledge with all the classes of the primary school and make them discover my beautiful island (I am throwing myself flowers). I was involved in the life of the school and I felt really integrated. I have very good memories of it.

During my short stay, I was lucky enough to be supervised by the association «You In Europe» which is a dynamic, united and above all benevolent team. They were able to meet my expectations, because they are attentive to requests, but also to ideas.

To sum up, I don’t regret at all launching into this experience. I am delighted to be able to bring back with me all these memories, but also a better oral expression in English.