Youth of different countries ruins the borders

Nowadays young people have plenty of options how to spend their time, how to get non-formal education and how to develop themselves. Thanks to European organizations like Erasmus+ young people can participate in different programs and seminars and gain invaluable experience.

One of such events took place on October 18h-27th in Murzasihle in Poland. The organizers from Polish side were Fundacja Innowacyjnej Edukacji. The training course took place in a beautiful tourist village not far from Zakopane.

27 participants from 9 countries joined this program – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine. The average age of participants was from 19 to 35. This variety of age helped them to exchange the knowledge and share the interests to understand better each other. One of the most important selection criteria for this course was the experience in youth work. It could be whether the volunteering activity, representatives from NGOs, governmental sector of active students.

The program of the training was really comprehensive. Every day the participants had 4 sessions during which they learnt and discussed the issues of communication, integration of migrants and refugees into local, regional and international level. They learnt how to develop the communication strategies, about the importance of nonverbal communication and exchanged the best practices from their experience. The first part was more theoretical and the second one was wholly practical. The participants had an opportunity to run their sessions and performed the roles of facilitators. The program was created in such way that everyone should be involved into the process and could work individually or in teams. Additionally all participants honed their English language skills. All the participants lived in rooms of 2-5 people from different countries so they were constantly interacted with each other and learnt even during informal communication.

It was nice and useful that some sessions were conducted outdoors. The sessions were not just lectures, they were run as open discussions, role-plays and games.

It was very important to learn and more important to relax after active sessions. On the fourth day of the course the participants had a entertaining trip to Zakopane. It was enjoying to change the environment, to get to the top of the Gubatowka, visited Catholic Church of Holy Family, walked down cozy streets of this town and of course did some shopping for souvenirs.

The week was busy and many interesting moments happened. We really enjoyed the process and wanted the continuation of it. We are really glad we met here new friends and gained intercultural experience.

Thank you Erasmus+ for such opportunity!

And people, if you want to join our new big family and open for new possibilities – follow the page !

More pictures and information is on the @FundacjaInnowacyjnejEdukacji on Facebook.