Fields with olive trees and vines instead of the basketball court – breaking pre-season´s routine for a day.

Optional «alt. training session» for 6 young female atheles aged 14-18, members of the U19, U17 and U15 basketball teams of Ακαδημία Καλαθοσφαίρισης Α.Ο.Αγ.Νικολάου Παλλήνης and their coach Nikos Gikas.

Time: Saturday 31 July, 10am
Location: Kantza, Attiki
Duration: 2,5h

Target: Building Emotional Awareness and Team Bonding.

Activities: After a small hike from the meeting point to the main activity location and a quick warm up, participants run a 2,5 km trail before experiencing (for their first time) the slack lines through 2 different roles (active-passive/support). Last part, questions and reflection material were given to the athletes that were discussed during picnic debriefing.

It was an opportunity for the girls, not only to train skills like Coordination and Balance but also to learn better how to cooperate with their teammates and react to their feelings, all these in a contex the’re not familiar with.

This session came as the follow-up activity of the HELLO – High-Tatra Emotional Laboratory for Learning Outdoors. A training program for youth workers, supported by the Erasmus+ and held in Slovakia 11-21 July.

Nikolas Angelis- Katerina Chatzimina