We have finished the Erasmus+ program since a week and we are so glad to have been participated in this kind of program. We are saying this because only those who have participated in programs as such, can understand in which thing we refer to. It started spontaneously and without thinking a request on the page of You in europe looking for a trip in a tendency to escape. Suddenly we found ourselves in a different country, Poland and more specifically in Murzasichle, a magical place near the city of Krakow, with, fresh air and pleasant surroundings. In more detail, young people from Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece participated in this program. At first glance, you cannot imagine that a group of so many different people from other countries can work together harmoniously.

However, from the very first day, through the various activities and tasks we have accomplished, we managed not only to socialize and feel more comfortable, but also to work with every person in the program. The most important was the fact that we were able to discuss with people that have completely different life than us, in a completely different country, speaking a different language and still most of our concerns were the same.

At the same time, we got tons of new knowledge about the radicalism in youngsters and the workshops gave us the opportunity to express our opinion and our concerns, to develop our creativity, and, most importantly, through discussion and dialogue to come closer together. Additionally, every evening we travelled to the tradition and culture of each participating country, having tasted their food, tasted their drinks and danced their dances.

We could not praise the organizers and program leaders who did the best they could for young people in Europe. Leaving Murzasichle, we wondered what we would answer a week before joining the program, asking «When was the last time you really felt creative?» So, we realized that the last time we really needed to know something new and that we felt impatient to try our new knowledge in practice were those days in Poland.

Finally, the Erasmus+ programs are necessary for young people , as only positive elements have to be gained, which will help them in their self-improvement and their beautiful presence in society.

We want to thank the Greek organization “You In Europe” as it helped us obtain whole new experiences. We hope to be able to join another YE project soon.

Katerina, Thanasis, Panagiotis, Niki, Dimitra