When someone asks me to describe in a few words my EVS experience, I really do not know where to start from.

Certainly, leaving my comfort zone to go somewhere else, without even knowing how to speak English properly, wasn’t the easiest choice I had ever made. But for sure I can tell it was one of the most worth risking decisions. First of all, I met a lot of people totally different and at the same time exactly the same as me. I learnt about other cultures and customs, so interesting – sometimes so different that it was becoming weird- but still interesting.

I experienced the beauty of a multicultural environment, our EVS environment. It was a challenge and so attractive though to cohabitate and co-operate with several different personalities in my every-day life.

I remember myself wandering around Romanian neighborhoods with the other volunteers, sometimes in our small but beautiful city and some other times we were hitchhiking around the country looking for new places and of course adventures.

The food, the landscapes, the locals, the foreigners, the coordinators, oh yeah, so many unforgettable and unique memories! Those six months added to my life a new way of thinking. I felt the change! I wish I could repeat that over and over again!

Fragopoulou Ioanna