In 1 week of work 2 youth and non-profit web radios were born in Greece, thanks to guys and girls from Geniko Lykeio Agios Nikolaos and association You in Europe. The third “short-term training event” of Broadcasting Europe was a real success!

The «Broadcasting Europe» strategic partnership project, co-funded by Erasmus plus program, went to its third step: after Spanish and Polish trainings, 3 trainers from aps Warrols and RadioJP (Italy) came to Agios Nikolaos (Halkidiki) for the 3rd Short-term joint staff training event with volunteers and staff seletionated by association You in Europe (from Nea Moudania) and Geniko Lykeio Agios Nikolaos. The purpose: the creation of 2 youth and non-profit web radios, 1 in Agios Nikolaos and 1 in Nea Moudania

During the training, guys and girls learned to manage a web radio and a non-profit social organization. They also learned how to be directors and speakers, they improved their skill of talking to the mic and created different formats that will be aired on These are formats of Sirens Radio (Agios Nikolaos): “Criminal Watchers” (George Stamatis, Sotiris Demertzis, Athanasios Papanikolaou), about the most famous criminal acts; speakers will give informations about strange or unusual criminals, given with a humoristic touch and music from famous films about crimes; “Music Roots” (Maria Xanthopoulou, Teo Vasiliadis, Elpida Ioannidou, Evi Vythoulka), a program to give informations about singers and bands and show some of their work; “Viral Songs” (Lefteris Papahristos, Antonia Mylona,Katerina Daldogianni, Valeria Ntovliatidou), where girls and guys will play different songs from the best top lists (top 10) and they will keep listerners informed about new entries; “Sol” (Ioanna Kampani, Chistina Voutka, Christina Hatziasemidou), three girls who want to play the best 10 songs of various artists according to their likes on media; “Keeping up with us” (Niki Gouta, Filia Dimitrou, Tenia Valsamara), a program to inform about celebrities and everything that has to do with famous people with nice music around.


These are formats of You in Europe web radio (Nea Moudania): “Opa” (Anita Cerra, Rita Teixeira, Claudia Lopez Manchado), a small radio program on which books and films will be discussed.The format will be a short interview about the corresponding book/film. there will be occasional guest to the program; “Program o muzyce” (Igor Niemyjski, Claudia Lopez Manchado), a program about alternative music from all over the world. The group, during the training week, chose name and logo of new web radios, also defining show schedule, names of general coordinator, social media manager and head of programming. Now we can listen them on The project will go on to create an European network of non-profit web radio managed by youth organizations. Next step: all partners will meet in Putignano, where will be created a school web-radio in Polo Liceale “Majorana Laterza”.