To You in Europe σε συνεργασία με τον οργανισμό Art Fusion της Ρουμανίας, προσκαλεί όσους εργάζονται με νέους, youth workers, youth leaders, εκπαιδευτικούς, ψυχολόγους, κοινωνικούς λειτουργούς, να συμμετέχουν στο Training Course EMBODY CHANGE που θα διεξαχθεί από τις 3-12 August 2018, στο γραφικό Băile Tușnad της Ρουμανίας.

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Embodied or somatic knowing is experiential knowledge that involves senses, perception, and mind-body action and reaction. Body-based learning embraces three approaches. We can learn about the body through anatomy, physiology, development principles, and movement basics. We learn from the body by engaging awareness and tuning into the local intelligence within the body. Learning with the body can be a more active approach, engaging with the world through sensing, moving and responding. This project is more focused on last two. Background of the project The main aim of the project is to introduce youth workers and non-formal learning facilitators with learning methodologies based on work with body and movement, while exploring how embodied learning approaches and methods can be used in different realities within youth work and non-formal education.

More specific objectives​ are: 1. To provide embodied learning approaches and methods during the mobility to 28 participants from 8 European countries to facilitate group and individual learning, and support learners with fewer opportunities; 2. To develop competences among 28 youth workers during the mobility to use embodied learning approaches in order to help young people from marginalised groups strengthen their capacity as active citizens in their communities 3. To create a networking framework that would enhance the organizational and professional development of the 8 partner organizations towards interventions using embodied learning approaches and methods in their work with marginalised youth during the project. 4. To support 28 participants from 8 European countries in elaborating and testing innovative, efficient learning methods and approaches during the mobility to create high impact activities with marginalised youth.

The project meets also most of the general aims of a mobility project, including aims to: 1. Support the professional development of those who work in training and youth with a view to innovating and improving the quality of training and youth work across Europe; 2. Increase the capacities, attractiveness and international dimension of organisations active in the education, training and youth fields so that they are able to offer activities and programmes that better respond to the needs of individuals, within Europe Target Group and Selection Criteria Are you a youth worker, trainer, social worker active in one of the partner organizations of this project? Are you interested in embodied learning approaches and methods? Do you want to be more innovative in your work with young people? Are you interested to work at international level and meet people from other countries? Then we are welcoming you to apply for this project! Selection is done based on the following criteria​: – participant’s motivation and abilities to organize follow-up events or use their learning outcomes in practice right after the training course – preference is given to those applicants who have a specific issue or challenge in their mind which might be addressed with help of embodied learning approaches and methods, or to participants who have concrete plans to develop international cooperation and build their own carrier at an international level. – strong interest in the themes of the project and in innovative methodologies to use in their work – previous activities with youth from various disadvantaged groups; – motivation to learn and improve – willingness to act as embodied learning approaches multipliers in their organizations/communities – background in youth work or social work and an understanding of non-formal education Themes and topics

These are some of the themes which will be tackled during the training course (more detailed agenda will be sent later on to the selected participants): ❖ Introduction to Embodied Learning and Embodied Facilitation ❖ Understanding Needs, Emotions, and Obstacles to further grow through Meditation and Movement ❖ Teams Processes and their impact on Teams’ Performances ❖ Managing Disagreements Constructively ❖ Active Listening and Empathy ❖ Clear Expressions of Thoughts and Emotions ❖ Your Body is Your Statement ❖ Creativity, Creative Problem Solving and Out of the Box Thinking ❖ Embodied Learning Approaches and Methods in work with Marginalised Young People

Financial aspects This project is funded by Erasmus + (KA1) of European Commission. According to its financial rules: 100% of the food and accommodation expenses are covered by the programme and participants will be reimbursed regarding the travel costs according to travel distances upon presentation of travel documents.

Travel cost limits to Băile Tușnad – Spain, Portugal – 360 euro – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Slovenia – 275 euro – Romania – 180 euro
The transport and visa cost will be reimbursed through bank transfer after the training, after receiving the documents in original (depending on the documentation provided on the spot and the accounting rules of each country) in the account of the association.

A.R.T. Fusion from Romania is a youth organization that offers a realistic perspective over the struggling problems of our Romanian and global society nowadays. A.R.T. Fusion’s mission is to create social change by encouraging members of the community to take responsibility. A.R.T. Fusion’s activity is focused on two dimensions: social responsibility and global responsibility. The methodology that they use includes the forum theatre method, living library, street campaigning and global education. A.R.T. Fusion is very know at national and international levels for the global education dimension developed in the last 5 years. Its work regards the power of each individual of making decisions concerning the consummation of natural resources. From kindergarten to universities, NGOs, institutes, companies – A.R.T. Fusion team shares the message of how important it is to be globally aware of the consequences of wasting the natural resources and how you can act in favour of humans and nature. (

Το πρόγραμμα χρηματοδοτείται από το Erasmus+ και καλύπτει 100% διαμονή και διατροφή (3 γεύματα) καθώς και το κόστος του ταξιδιού μέχρι το ποσό των 275 ευρώ. Κόστος συμμετοχής στο σεμινάριο, 30 ευρώ.

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